You are an arctic fox awakening from some sort of strange dream. You're on a mountain and don't remember how you got up there, only that the plan had been to climb. There is no way to go but forward, forward through a strange archway that takes you to another world with monsters that, for the most part, are seemingly friendly. Get to know them, have fun with them, or let them use you. The choice is yours. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, restart doesn't seem to work during endings in browser, so you'll need to reload. 


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I really enjoy this. The writing is good, haven't seen any spelling/grammar mistakes. I've played this multiple times, you've got me so interested that I just wanna go down every path. Oh, and the restart button did work for me. I'll be checking out your other works because I did like this one plenty.

And might I ask, what did you use to create this?


I used Twine! I can't say that I'll be making a lot of things coz I'm a writer not really a programmer but hey, enjoy whenever I occasionally post things here.